Identity and Access Management Technology Development


As recognized experts in our field, 9point8 can provide leading edge development of COTS, GOTS and custom products that serve or integrate with the full range of the IDAM spectrum, including: Sponsorship, Enrollment, Credentialing, Strong Authentication and Validation, Privilege Management, Logical Access Control, Physical Access Control, Cryptographic Services and Biometrics.


Strategic Planning and Organization Development


9point8’s staff has more than fifteen years’ experience in leading senior government and corporate officers to enhance and optimize the effectiveness of their organizations.  We’ve helped clients to create and articulate their strategic vision, to develop and implement supporting business and technical initiatives and to equip their teams with the organizational structures, resources and tools that optimize mission effectiveness


Hands-On Mission Delivery and Operational Support


At 9point8, we’re not satisfied with simply developing a solution or strategy and leaving it to others to figure out how to implement.  When you bring our Program Managers, Subject Matter Experts, Administrators, Engineers and Credentialing Support Operators on board, we roll up our sleeves and focus on all of the delivery essentials needed to ensure sustained mission success.  Our delivery personnel are fully trained and cleared, so whether your mission involves work on the NIPRNet, SIPRNet or in a cross-domain solution environment, you can rely on us to provide the reliable resources your team needs